Whiskey Wednesday Chicago: Workshop

I have fond memories from every Whiskey Wednesday, but the dinner hosted around the Workshop Chicago table is special.

Kara returned from LA for the event. Her and I hosting together was like magic. Never underestimate the power of working with the right people. The people we choose to journey through life with is the most important choice we make, and often times we don't treat it as such. I am happy to have friends who have moved all over the world to follow their hearts, but at times I just want to gather them all up in the same space, build the biggest table we've ever seen and eat. Eat delicious food, drink perfect drinks and talk and laugh and talk until the sun comes up. Ending the ordeal tired but with full bellies and hearts. That is my dream, and this night was a sliver. 

Talented Chicago chef Gil made an incredible meal for our guests, Kara from Willow and Niche flew in. We had a guest celebrating their birthday, strangers connected through social media and friends of friends of friends in attendance. The back drop of the Chicago skyline was all the decoration we needed.  

Spiced popcorn balls, endive salad, Pork, lentils and pumpkin pie for dessert. All paired with a classic Old Fashion.