Leap Year Project

Sometimes in life we meet people with visions so captivating that others can't help but follow them. Victor Saad is one of those vision casters. Since 2012, he has been taking risks and encouraging others to Leap along side him. What started as an ambitious year long project has turned into a movement to challenge the way we experience higher education.

When dreaming of the 2012 Leap Year Project launch party it was clear that if we were going to make the event a success, it would have to be just as inspiring as the Leap Year Project vision.

In the end a great team of volunteers, business owners and Leap Year Project participants created a night to remember.

Laura Hebden of Maven Collection built a light bulb installation with used bulbs donated and shipped from Green Light New Orleans. The simple design signified what the Leap Year Project is all about... a great idea, coupled with a great purpose. Green Light replaces old bulbs in homes of people in need. This saves residents money on their bills and helps conserve energy for the environment.

During the evening, local community organizers spoke about the risks they were taking to make their community a better place. Some Chicago students shared their story of collecting shoes for their friends and neighbors in a west side community. A gallery of photos and stories form socially conscious risk takers filled the walls. Stories of sustainable farms in urban areas providing education on healthy eating to students, DC lobbyists risking it all to save the Orangutangs, doctors donating their time and experience to those in need around the world, whole families coming up with ways to give back while growing closer to one another. It was a space filled with inspired and inspiring individuals.

Leap Year Project is gearing up for another go around since 2016 is a leap year. Stay tuned for what The Leap Year Project has in store. It is sure to be better and bigger than we saw in 2012.