Whiskey Wednesday Chicago: Cargo Studios

Whiskey Wednesday events have inspired people since their inception. Something fantastic and natural happens when a group of talented, kind strangers come together around the table for good food and whiskey. The atmosphere while sharing a meal with one another around a table is familiar and safe for most or a wish fulfilled for others.

October of 2014 Whiskey Wednesday LA came to Chicago via Willow and Niche, and had the pleasure of partnering with them to create a lovely evening in a local artist space. 

For me this WW was a teensy bit more special than the rest. I have alway been a connector. Someone who wants to bring people together. Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, strangers at a super market, but finding your place in the world as a connector can be complicated. Sometimes connectors can become so busy connecting everyone else with one another that they forget to connect themselves. This Whiskey Wednesday I watched as people I had connected work, laugh, drink, eat and dream together. The cherry on top was that I was able to do that with them. Sit with them at the table tied me in, the most devoted of external connectors. It is because of that feeling I experienced that I will continue to create table memories and moments for others to feel connected, included and tied to one another. 

Daniel Kelleghan and Grant Legan formerly of Cargo Studios offered up their space on the west side of Chicago, and Willow and Niche prepared a delicious meal. 

Daniel Kelleghan 

Grant Legan 

Willow and Niche 

Local Chicago distillery Koval sponsored our evening with a four grain whiskey that will make you a believer. 

Our make shift table at Cargo Studio was all neutrals but all sorts of pretty in this lighting.