Whiskey Wednesday LA: Launch

The Summer of 2013 Willow and Niche began Whiskey Wednesdays in LA. 

It was my pleasure to be a part of the launch, to watch a dream become a reality and celebrate with a group of 25 former strangers turned friends by the end of the evening.

Kara from Willow and Niche is a dear friend and soul sister. She nursed me back to health during my own struggles with food allergies and illness. Her hands made the meals that healed my weak body and at the table a friendship blossomed that refreshed my weary soul.

For Kara, It had been a dream to move from Chicago to LA and start a dinner party business. Being a total enthusiast, she did just that. Not only was this night the reality of a dream come true but it was the start of great things to come for us both. 

Kara's dreamy loft offered the perfect space for sharing food and conversation late into the night. New LA friends and friends of friends came to connect with one another over Whiskey cocktails paired with homemade dishes.